Waterford Crystal Heart Paperweight

A Heavy Heart That’s Full of Beauty

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Keep papers organised in style with the ultimate in paperweights from Waterford Crystal. The Heart Paperweight will stop papers scattering and look stunning on any desk. With intricate patterning this paperweight will add a shimmery delight.

Measuring 4.8 x 7.1 x 7.6cm it’s the perfect size to be non-imposing and beautiful. Perfectly presented for gift giving, the Waterford Heart Paperweight is packaged in a berry coloured cylinder with a sweet “You just found the perfect gift” message on the side. Beautiful gold embossed lettering and trademark Waterford Seahorse add to the sense of elegance.

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Christening Presents That Will Be Treasured Forever – Discover Them at Everything but Flowers!

Customers who are looking for memorable christening presents can always find them at Everything but Flowers. In addition to the traditional baby presents, we have a collection of christening presents that will be treasured forever. Curious which christening presents could be treasured forever by your young recipient? Discover our recommended and most treasures christening presents below!

Why Should I Choose the Waterford Crystal Heart Paperweight from the Baby Presents Catalogue?

Choosing a collectable from our baby presents catalogue is the perfect way to ensure that your christening present will be cherished forever. One of the collectables available in our baby presents catalogue is the Waterford Crystal Heart Paperweight, which could make a wonderful addition to a baby’s nursery.

The Waterford Crystal Heart Paperweight from the baby presents catalogue is made with genuine Waterford Crystal and features a beautiful heart-shaped design with crystal patterns. The Waterford Crystal Heart is often used as a paperweight, but it could also be used as a decoration!

Why Should I Choose the Illustrated Bible Stories Book from Everything but Flowers?

Some books are truly timeless; this is certainly the case for the Bible. If you need a memorable gift for a child with religious parents, then you could certainly choose a book that is an adaptation on the Bible, containing Bible stories for children. One such a book is the Illustrated Bibles Stories book.

Illustrated Bible Stories will undoubtedly become the baby’s favourite, because this book contains classic stories such as the Jesus’ Birth, Noah’s Ark, and the Easter Story. The book contains a total of 368 pages, and has a hardcover to ensure the book stays in pristine condition for many years to come.

Why Should I Choose the Bambino Linen Baby Album from Everything but Flowers?

Everyone knows that photographs are timeless, so gifting something that enables parents to store valuable photographs of their baby is always appreciated. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find a delightful baby photo album – the Bambino Linen Baby Album. With this album, parents undoubtedly have everything they need to keep their baby’s photographs safe.

Of course, the Bambino Linen Baby Album stands out considerably from most baby albums you will find in gift stores. The album is covered with a beautiful linen fabric with a cream finish. It is also covered with metal decorations such as a pram, teddy bear, and a rocking horse. In short, a baby album that will be treasured just as much as the photographs inside.

Why Should I Choose the Royal Selangor Rocking Horse Trinket Box from Everything but Flowers?

A lovely decoration for the nursery that can be treasured forever is also a wonderful gift. Therefore, our next suggestion is the Royal Selangor Rocking Horse Trinket Box. The Royal Selangor Rocking Horse Trinket Box holds more than just a gorgeous trinket, because it also has enough room for the baby’s hospital band, a lock of hair, or the child’s first lost tooth. Where is this storage room you may wonder? Underneath the saddle of the rocking horse of course!

Why Should I Choose the Bambino Christening Certificate Box from Everything but Flowers?

One of the christening presents that will undoubtedly be treasured by parents forever is the Bambino Christening Certificate Box from Everything but Flowers. The Bambino Christening Certificate Box contains a stunning christening certificate. Of course, the presentation of the box also makes this gift extra special. So, be sure to gift this certificate box for a christening to make your gift the most memorable!

Why Should I Choose the Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Silver-Plated Baby Cup from Everything but Flowers?

Customers looking for something enchanting and memorable should certainly consider our Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Silver-Plated Baby Cup. The Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Silver-Plated Baby Cup could be used, but for most parents it is a wonderful memento of their child’s christening. Therefore, the cup is often used as a decoration in the nursery or the living room.

The Wedgewood Peter Rabbit Silver-Plated Baby Cup measures a compact 6.5 cm x 6 cm x 8 cm, which means that it is the perfect size for young children if they eventually want to use it. Of course, this is also the perfect size for a decoration in the nursery.

Where Can I Find More Christening Gifts That Will Be Treasured Forever?

Do you want more inspiration for christening gifts that will be treasured forever? If you do, we recommend heading over to the main menu and selecting ‘baby’. Once you get to our baby range, simply select ‘christening’ to see all the available options!

Customers who need more advice, or need more information about any of our christening gifts, can contact the Everything but Flowers team. Simply contact us by telephone, email, or live chat.