Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable

A Shimmering Crystal Beauty

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With Waterford proudly announcing that ‘Happiness comes in a can’ on the gorgeous packaging, there is a true delight waiting inside this special gift. The stunning Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectible really will bring happiness to any room and occasion and will be proudly displayed in all its beauty.

Measuring 9.1cm x 8.3cm x 9.1cm the crystal butterfly features the renowned Waterford Crystal quality and style and makes a lovely addition to any bedroom, side table or desk. Ideal as a Mother’s day gift, or birthday gift for someone special, at Everything But Flowers we stock an amazing range of gifts for women that are specially chosen to delight.

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Discover the Most Delightful Christening Presents at Everything but Flowers

Do you need original christening presents for a baby boy or girl? Then we recommend reading through our overview below, which features the most delightful christening presents available at Everything but Flowers. So, if you still need a christening present, be sure to consider any of the following gifts.

Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable

When you need to buy a present for a christening, it could be a good idea to consider a collectable that could be cherished by the child or the parents forever. At Everything but Flowers, you will find many collectables, which includes the Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable.

The Waterford Crystal Butterfly Collectable measures a reasonable 9.1 x 8.3 x 9.1 centimetres. It features the well-known Waterford Crystal, which supports the superior quality of this collectable. This crystal is an excellent addition to any child’s bedroom, but could also be placed in the living room as a lovely memento of the christening.

Marquise Blue T-Shirt & Shorts

Christenings are also a good time to give the baby boy or a girl a new set of clothing. Inside our extensive range, you will find the Marquise Blue T-Shirt & Shorts, an excellent choice for the baby, because Marquise delivers clothing of the highest quality.

The Marquise clothing brand has been around for many years and is known to deliver the most comfortable clothing pieces for newborns and toddlers. In our extensive range, you will find many clothing sets from Marquise, including the Marquise Blue T-Shirt & Shorts for baby boys.

Our Marquise Blue T-Shirt & Shorts Set comes in size 000 and is made from 100% cotton. It features a lovely beach design, so this little outfit is perfect for a relaxing family day at the beach.

If you need a similar set for a baby girl, you will find another set in our christening range – the Marquise Top Bloomer & Hat Set. Like the clothing set for baby boys, the clothing set for baby girls is ideal for a relaxing day at the beach.

Four Seasons Baby Hamper

Customers could also choose one of our delightful baby hampers for a christening; this includes the Four Seasons Baby Hamper, which is not only fun, but also educational.

Inside the Four Seasons Baby Hamper, recipients will find the “Guess How Much I Love You” books. Each of these board books features illustrations and short stories describing the various seasons of the year. Through these books, young children can learn everything they need to know about the four seasons.

The four board books in the Four Seasons Baby Hamper are complemented with some other gifts; this includes a box of Elsa’s Story Lemon Butter Cookies and a Little Nut Brown Hare Rattle. Both of which will be enjoyed thoroughly.

Little Linen Co. Meow Meadow Air Wrap

Our range of christening gifts includes some functional items for the baby’s nursery. One of the functional items is the Little Linen Co. Meow Meadow Air Wrap, which is decorated with some lovely animal prints.

The Little Linen Co. Meow Meadow Air Wrap protects the baby against bumps and knocks when in the cot, but it also keeps the baby’s arms and legs safely inside the cot. The Little Linen Co. Meow Air Wrap is not accompanied by all the risks tie-on padded cot bumpers have. Therefore, this air wrap is a brilliant alternatively for the nursery.

Sophie La Giraffe Teething Comforter

A good teether is a good present for a young child, but also a good present for the parents, since a comforter will save the baby a lot of crying; this means the parents can get more sleep at the same time! The Sophie La Giraffe Teething Comforter is one of our best teethers, so be sure to consider this gift from our christening section.

The Sophie La Giraffe Teething Comforter is a toy that combines two useful things. Firstly, it is a cuddly and soft toy babies will love. Secondly, it is also a teether ring that will comfort the baby once he or she begins teething.

The comforter part of this toy is made from the finest organic cotton. The teether itself is also made from organic materials, making sure that the baby does not encounter any harmful chemicals while enjoying this toy.

Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Music Box

In addition to the Waterford Crystal collectable we recommended earlier, there is another collectable that you might consider – the Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Music Box.

Our Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Music Box is ideal for a baby’s nursery. It features a design that is based on the final images of the Peter Rabbit Book, more specifically a cute bunny tucked into bed with a beautiful butterfly nearby. The collectable is also a music box, so it can easily make the nursery more fun with some delightful tunes.

Do Not Forget to Check Out Our Birthday Presents for Kids!

At Everything but Flowers, you will not only find delightful christening presents for baby girls and boys, we also have an exquisite range of birthday presents for kids. Each of our birthday presents is selected by our expert team, so all our birthday presents have something special to bring to the table.

Inside our birthday presents range for kids, you can easily find the perfect present by selecting the appropriate age category in the submenu. Buying birthday presents for kids tends to be difficult, but with our age appropriate categories, it becomes a whole lot easier!

Other Suitable Presents to Celebrate Special Occasions in your Child’s Life

In addition to christening and birthday presents, Everything but Flowers has an extensive range of gifts for other special occasions in a child’s life as well. So, whether you need a Christmas present or a first day of school present, Everything but Flowers will always have something suitable in its gifts collection.

Do you need some advice on gifts? Contact the Everything but Flowers team to benefit from our many years of experience. Need some quick answers? Leave a message by using the chat function on our website!