Royal Selangor Turtle Toothbox

The Ark Range from Royal Selangor

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Based on the world's endangered and threatened species, this toothbox takes the form of a Hawksbill Sea Turtle. Its top shell conceals the tooth compartment within. All marine turtle species are now endangered.

British designer Nick Munro acknowledges the plight of the worlds endangered and threatened species in this collection of gifts. The collection features wildlife from across the globe, celebrating the arrival of a child whilst highlighting the fragility of our world.

Besides pure function, the tooth box serves the purpose of educating the little ones about earth's precious creatures. Specification: L9.5cm x W7cm x H3cm.

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Do you know what happens at a christening?

If youre not religious, a christening service can be somewhat mysterious. What does it mean? What happens during the service? Whats expected of the guests? Am I expected to bring christening gifts? If youve just been invited to your first christening service and need a quick overview, youve come to the right place.

When does a christening service occur?

When a christening service occurs often depends on the parents and on the church. Typically a baby is christened as soon as possible after birth, but parents are welcome to wait for a few more months or even a year before their baby is christened.


When the parents do choose to have the christening service, theyll work with their church to find the best time. Many churches will offer to baptise the baby during a morning church service. If the parents want a more private event, they can often hold it outside of a church service.

What does a christening service include?

If the parents choose to have a separate christening ceremony, like a wedding, there will be different parts to the service. These parts will be very similar from service to service.

The service will begin with a welcome from the vicar or priest. This welcome will most likely include a passage from the Bible and an explanation of what a christening means. Following the welcome, the parents and godparents will give their promises to the child. After promises are made, the parents and godparents will be invited to stand in front of the child, at which point the sign of the cross will be made on the babys forehead signifying that they belong to God.

Following the sign, the baby will be baptised by holy water. Often the water is lightly sprinkled or poured on the babys head. After the baptism, the church prays and welcomes the baby into the community. Finally, at the end of the service, the baby will be given a candle so that they may shine their light in the world for God.

What happens after the christening service?

After the christening service, the family will most likely have a reception or party. At the reception, christening gifts will be given, food will most likely be provided, and people will mingle.

If youve been invited to a christening, unless otherwise instructed, guests should bring christening gifts. There are several options when choosing which christening gifts to give to the new family. Traditional gifts usually include some type of keepsake or an item made of silver. But more modern gifts such as toys, gift baskets, and clothing are often suitable and appreciated.

The parents may or may not open the christening gifts at the party. But youll receive a thank you note either way.

A final tip:

If you still have questions, a great resource are the people who invited you. Theyll usually be more than happy to help explain more about the service and what is expected.