Royal Selangor Panda Music Carousel

The Ark Range from Royal Selangor

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British designer Nick Munro acknowledges the plight of the worlds endangered and threatened species in this collection of gifts. The collection features wildlife from across the globe, celebrating the arrival of a child whilst highlighting the fragility of our world.

This gorgeous Giant Panda Musical Carousel is endearing to young and old. Play it for baby to gently fall asleep or let baby watch it while it spins sweetly on its base. As all Royal Selangor products, this Panda Musical Carousel has been skilfully crafted by experienced pewter smiths with the highest standards in mind.

This attention to detail and precision has made Royal Selangor's pewter pieces durable and timeless. An ideal gift for a new baby, as a Christening gift or as a 1st Birthday present.

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Do you know how to throw a great christening party?

After the christening service, its typical to have a christening party or reception, celebrating the infants entrance into his or her community. These parties usually include food, entertainment, and gift-giving.

What happens at a christening party?

Like any type of reception, the order of events can vary, but the activities that occur are pretty straightforward. Food is often served at christening parties. This can include hor d'oeuvres, finger foods, or even a whole meal.

Guests will mingle and give their congratulations and christening gifts to you and your new family. But you can add structure to the party by providing entertainment and should do so if there are going to be several children in attendance. Games and outside activities are a wonderful way to spend the day celebrating.

When do you open the christening gifts?

Guests attending a christening party or reception will most likely bring christening gifts, unless instructed to do otherwise. Theres debate about when these gifts should be opened: during the party or after the guests have left.

This is simply a matter of taste. Some couples choose to open the christening gifts during the party so the guests can see what the couple received. And other couples wait until after the party. No matter when you and your spouse choose to open the christening gifts, its important to send thank you notes to everyone who came to the party and to everyone who gave a gift.

Who do you invite?

Who you invite is a personal decision, but there are some general guidelines and expectations you should keep in mind when building the guest list. For example, its customary to invite the priest who performed the christening. Immediate family and the godparents should be invited. And if the event is more religious, its considered proper to invite members of your church.

However, a christening or naming service is a very personal event, so its perfectly fine to invite as few or as many people as you see fit.

How do you decorate for a christening party?

Decorating, much like who you invite, is a personal decision. If your family is more religious and take the christening as an important step in the childs religious life, it can be appropriate to have more subdued decorations. In other words, the seriousness of the occasion should be recognised and respected.

This is by no means a hard and fast rule. Its perfectly acceptable to decorate more flamboyantly, though you may want to keep your guests in mind, as they could be more conservative as a whole.

A final tip:

A christening party or reception is your familys opportunity to celebrate your babys christening with the people who matter to you most. So make the party what you want and enjoy this special day!