Royal Selangor Rocking Horse Trinket Box

Beautifully packaged in a wooden gift box

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Shaped as a Rocking Horse with Bear, this Pewter creation from Royal Selganor will sit proudly in the new baby's room. The Teddy-Bear and Rocking Horse Saddle form the cover of the trinket box. Dimensions of the trinket box are 9cm x 3cm x 9.5cm.

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The perfect Christening Gifts add a special touch to the babys once-in-a lifetime celebration.

It is as if it was only yesterday when you received the news of the pregnancy and now suddenly, you find yourself carrying a beautifully wrapped Christening gift for that little angel in the arms of the new Mum and Dad. Welcoming a new addition to the family calls for a celebration. And, we all love to greet the baby with gifts that are something material and tangible. Gifts such as the beautiful Royal Selangor Rocking Horse Trinket Box fit this occasion beautifully.

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What appropriate Christening Gifts translate the joy of the occasion?

It is so sweet to think that your gift still stands after a long time and brings a smile from a grown-up who can still clearly recall the memories that your gift carries through the years. Shower the baby with the right Christening Gifts and see how such effort brings lasting happiness to the entire family. This gesture can make a difference by making the occasion more exciting. Through our wide array of gift items, you can never go wrong in making the baptismal celebration meaningful, pleasurable, and memorable.

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