Marquise Knitted Pink Baby Cardigan

Marquise, classic luxury styles for baby since 1935

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Theres nothing lovelier than a quality knitted cardigan for baby, especially when its made from 100% breathable cotton and from the long loved Australian brand Marquise. For 80 years, Marquise has been lovingly providing Australian babies with their first clothes. So dress baby smartly and keep them comfortable and cosy in the Marquise Knitted Pink Cardigan.

The Marquise Knitted Pink Baby Cardigan comes in size 000 (for babies 0-3 months). The 100% cotton pink cardigan will make the perfect gift for the new baby and will go beautifully with any outfit you dress the baby girl in.

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Our Recommended Christmas Presents and Birthday Presents for Kids

If you need some Christmas presents or birthday presents for kids, you will have a world of choice at Everything but Flowers. In our gifts collection, customers can find suitable Christmas presents and birthday presents for kids of all ages, going from newborns to teens. So, let us take a closer look at our most popular Christmas presents and birthday presents for kids!

Marquise Knitted Pink Baby Cardigan

The Marquise Knitted Pink Baby Cardigan is the ideal present for baby girls. Since it is suitable for Christmas and birthdays, you will find this cute cardigan in our birthday presents and Christmas presents for kids range.

Our Knitted Pink Baby Cardigan is made by a renowned Australian brand called Marquise, which has been making baby clothing for more than eighty years. The cardigan is made from the finest breathable cotton, so your baby girl will be very comfortable in this cute little cardigan.

Balance Red Scooter

Developing balance skills can be a challenge for young boys, so giving them a toy that helps them to develop this skill is certainly recommended. At Everything but Flowers, parents can find a toy that can help their little boy develop balance – the Balance Red Scooter.

The Balance Red Scooter is the latest release in balance bikes, which teaches children motor skills as well as balance. The bike has a retro style design and an adjustable seat, so this balance bike can easily be adjusted as your child is growing. The Balance Red Scooter also has a certain steering radius, which can prevent accidents from happening.

Crazy Chemistry MEGA Kit

Children older than ten might appreciate something a little more intricate, which means that our Crazy Chemistry MEGA Kit could be the perfect present. The Crazy Chemistry MEGA Kit teaches children that science is not boring, because it contains countless fun experiments that will peak your child’s interest in learning.

By using the Crazy Chemistry MEGA Kit, kids can create fun stuff such as fart putty, bouncing balls, slime, tadpole soup, slimy monsters and a whole lot more. So, if you are having problems getting your son or daughter away from the telly, this amazing chemistry set should be added to the Christmas list this year.

The Crocodile Money Box

Is your child saving money for a special trip? Or do you want to teach them about the benefits of saving money? Whichever the case, you could make saving a little easier by giving your child the Crocodile Money Box.The Crocodile Money Box has a delightful blue crocodile design with a colourful spine, so it will complement any children’s room perfectly. So, add this Crocodile Money Box to your child’s bedroom to teach them the value of money in a fun manner.

Grumpy Cat Plush

Grumpy cat is a popular internet character that is popular with young and old. If your child is a fan of grumpy cat, then you could choose the Grumpy Cat Plush as a gift!

The Grumpy Cat Plush measures a wonderful 23 centimetres, and is therefore the perfect size for cuddling and playing. The plush is also made of durable materials, so this plush can withstand many hours of intensive playtime.

Kitsch Kitchen Happy Valley Clock

Learning how to read a clock is one of the basic skills children learn in school. However, in this time of computers, many people do not have a clock in their home anymore, which leaves little time for your child to practice their clock reading skills. Fortunately, our extensive range of gifts for kids also includes a nice children’s clock, which can be added to your child’s bedroom and increase their ability to tell the time.

The Kitsch Kitchen Happy Valley Clock has a quality metal casing and features glow in the dark hands, so your child knows what time it is even when the room is dark. This clock works with the classic wind up mechanism, so you don’t have to buy batteries to keep this exquisite clock working.

Naturally, Everything but Flowers has a suitable wind up clock for little boys as well, more specifically the Kitsch Kitchen Tiger Alarm Clock. Like the girl’s variant, this clock has a wind-up mechanism and glow in the dark hands. However, the design of this clock is different, because instead of woodland creatures, this clock features a fearsome tiger.

Lucky Rabbit Ornaments

Everyone who has a little superstition knows that rabbits bring good luck, so if you are looking for some ornaments for your child’s bedroom, these Lucky Rabbit Ornaments may be a good choice. These cute little ornaments will look wonderful in any bedroom or playroom, and certainly add a fun atmosphere no matter where they are kept.

Giant Confetti Balloons

If you are looking for some party balloons, but want something different than the traditional balloons used at birthday parties, Everything but Flowers has the solution for you! Our Giant Confetti Balloons is a kit containing three balloons, blue confetti and a funnel. The funnel is used to add the confetti to the balloons. Therefore, the balloons can provide a wonderful surprise if they do get popped at a party.

The Giant Confetti Balloons from Everything but Flowers can inflate to a considerable size, more specifically 90 centimetres. Therefore, you will not need many of these balloons to decorate for the party. So, grab a pack of our Giant Confetti Balloons and transform any party into something truly special.

More Gifts for Children at Everything but Flowers

No matter the special occasion you need a present for, Everything but Flowers has suitable gifts for all occasions and children of all ages. To find gifts suitable for the age range of your recipient, simply click on the “baby” or “kids” link on the main menu, and select the age range in the subcategories on the new page.

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