Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper

No tears, the worlds softest products for sensitive baby

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Make bath time a pleasure for baby and parents with this helpful hamper gift filled with bath time essentials. From the EcoStore All Natural Baby Bubble Bath and All Natural Baby Shampoo to ensure a fun bath filled with bubbles without tears, to the Nature's Child Organic Cotton Face Washers Organic Cotton Hooded Towel by Bubba Blue, everything included has been carefully selected to be suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. 

You want the best for your baby and you certainly never want to see them hurt or sad. But for babies with sensitive skin, bath time can cause your little one to get a nasty rash. And its hard to keep soap from getting into their eyes. With organic shampoo and bubble bath, you can protect your babys sensitive skin and eyes once and for all! Using plant-based ingredients, EcoStore provides you and your family with cleansers that will match the natural oils in your babys skin, keeping it conditioned, moisturised, and baby soft.

Bathing a baby can be tricky, but with the help of these lovely gift items, it will be enjoyable for all. The pure white colouring of the gifts combined with the classy white gift box make this an ideal baby shower gift, especially if its not known if baby will be blue or pink! The Bath Time Natural Baby Hamper is filled with white, organic items, suitable for babies with sensitive skin. Its a great unisex gift for baby showers, especially for parents who dont want to share or dont yet know the sex of their baby.

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*NEW* Organic Cotton Hooded Towel by Bubba Blue

*NEW* Organic Cotton Hooded Towel by Bubba Blue

Made from Organic cotton and designed in Australia, Bubba Blue's cotton is super soft on baby’s delicate skin. 80 x 80cm.

Nature's Child Organic Cotton Face Washers 2 Pack

Nature's Child Organic Cotton Face Washers 2 Pack

2 double layered terry towelling face washers with rib trim for sensitive skins at bathtime or the perfect accessory at feeding time. 20x20cm.

EcoStore All Natural Baby Shampoo 200ml

EcoStore All Natural Baby Shampoo 200ml

Mild enough for everyday use, this all natural skin balanced shampoo gently cleanses baby's fine hair using plant based ingredients.

EcoStore All Natural Baby Bubble Bath 200ml

EcoStore All Natural Baby Bubble Bath 200ml

Plant based ingredients designed to match the natural oils in babies’ skin with conditioning agents to keep skin soft and silky.

How do you keep your newborn clean, safe, and healthy?


Taking care of a newborn baby is an incredible responsibility. You want to make sure youre doing everything right, keeping them safe, clean, and healthy. As a new parent or as someone looking for the right baby gifts, knowing some tips and tricks can be helpful.

How do you keep their toys and soothers clean?

If your baby frequently uses teethers, soothers, or bottles, its very important to keep these items clean and ready for use. If these items arent properly cleaned, your baby can sometimes develop thrush, an uncomfortable yeast-based infection. So to clean these items correctly, wash them in hot, soapy water. Its also wise to occasionally boil these items to sanitise them.

If youre buying baby gifts for new parents, try to find items that are made of material thats easy to clean and sanitise. For example, if youre giving soothers, you might choose silicone over latex, since silicone soothers can often be cleaned in the dishwasher.

How do you protect your babys sensitive skin?

A babys skin is very sensitive and unfortunately, its very easy for them to develop uncomfortable rashes. The most common rash youll be trying to prevent is diaper rash. There are a few methods you can use to protect your babys sensitive skin from this painful rash. Change dirty diapers as soon as possible. And before putting him or her in a new diaper, make sure their skin is clean and dry.

If your baby has already developed diaper rash, before putting a new diaper on, add a layer of diaper rash ointment. This will protect the skin from further irritation as it heals.

When buying baby gifts for new parents, consider giving nappy balm, soft washcloths, and some comfortable onesies.

How do you protect your babys skin from other irritants?

Because a babys skin is so sensitive, chemicals that might be okay for an adult can be too harsh for your baby. So when choosing soaps and shampoos, look for those specifically made for a babys soft, sensitive skin. Natural and organic items are often great for babies since they usually wont contain any harsh additives or chemicals.

You can help parents find the right items for their baby by giving baby gifts that consist of or contain a variety of soaps and shampoos for sensitive skin. Other great baby gifts include soft towels and washcloths, perfect for a babys face.

Some final tips:

Its a good rule to steer clear of scented soaps and shampoos that are made for adults. You should also avoid giving your baby a bath every day. This can dry out their skin and cause irritation. A bath once or twice a week, with small sponge baths in between, should be plenty to keep your baby clean and happy!