Welcome Baby Boy Hardcover Book

Written by Dan Zadra. Hardcover keepsake book.

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A babys first year is filled with memories and milestones, all more exciting than the last. So all new parents need a good keepsake book to document all the wonderful moments that are happening in their babys life as he grows. Welcome Baby Boy by inspirational author Dan Zadra is just the book theyll need.

This linen-covered hardback book allows parents to write down and keep mementos from their baby boys first year, like handprints, dreams for the future, and cute nicknames. And when your baby is grown, this book can make a sweet graduation or wedding gift. Its also the perfect book to keep for yourself, to reminisce and share memories with your close family and friends.

The book measures 9"H x9"W and comes with 64-pages of prompts, tender quotes, and adorable illustrations. Such a lovely keepsake book is a great christening or baby shower gift for new or expecting parents.

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Photos Make Great Newborn Gifts

Your baby is growing faster than the speed of light. From one day to the next, it can seem as if a theyve grown an inch! So as they grow, its important to capture as many sweet moments as possible. One way to do this is to take portraits of your newborn. But babies tend to squirm, cry, and rarely do what you want them to do when you want them to do it, making picture day an iffy proposition.

Here at Everything But Flowers, we have some advice and some wonderful newborn gifts to help your photoshoot go as smoothly and happily as possible! Newborn photo gifts are a great idea as a thank you to family and friends who've taken the time to purchase a gift for baby; so here's how to make your photos stand out.

Get Great Photo Gifts by Making Baby Comfortable

Before beginning the photoshoot, make sure all your newborns basic needs are met. Make sure theyve eaten, are well-rested, and are not sick. If they are sick, reschedule your photoshoot for another day.

You should also make sure your newborn is a comfortable temperature, especially if your photoshoot requires your baby to wear fewer layers than usual. Everything But Flowers has a number of adorable blankets that make perfect newborn gifts. You can use our blankets between shots to keep your baby warm or you can make them part of the photo!

Newborn Happiness is Essential for Baby Photo Gift Prints

Many a newborn photoshoots have been cursed with a crying baby. After all, they have lights in their face, they may already be cranky, and they dont know whats going on.

Bring along some new, interesting newborn gifts, like small stuffed animals, rattles, and teethers. These items can help keep your baby stay engaged, interested, and happy. You should also bring your newborns favourite toy. This will help comfort them if they do get upset.

Some final photoshoot tips:

All the lights, posing, and waiting can be exhausting for a newborn. To make sure your baby doesn't become overstimulated, take frequent, short breaks. This is a good time to just sit and rest. Consider investing is some newborn gifts to entertain your baby during these breaks. For example, buy some new books.

Before you schedule the photoshoot, make sure you know what time of day your baby tends to be happiest. By scheduling the shoot during these happy times, you can easily avoid an unpleasant breakdown.

Finally, make sure you know when to call it quits. If your baby is upset, continuing the photoshoot can cause your baby even more stress. So be aware that you may need to reschedule.

Need some help with your newborn photoshoot?

Everything But Flowers has a number of great newborn gifts, perfect for picture day. Browse our site and find some cute new outfits for the camera. Or get a baby imprint kit to document their feet or hands. Whatever newborn gifts you need, we can help you find it!

The Welcome Baby Boy Book makes a great newborn gift for parents to capture details of their baby boy as he grows.