Mini Blue Stripe Knot Hat

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Channelling a refined crafty vibe with a smattering of nature, Melbourne-based label Wilson & Frenchy have managed to roll a whole lot of thoughtfulness into one adorable baby brand. Sure, your bundle will look amazingly sharp in any one of their items, but the beauty of Wilson and Frenchy is more than one layer deep. Each design is printed on the finest threads of cotton. And only in factories that proudly wear the fair trade sticker. What s more, each design is unique having been individually illustrated by hands with over a decade s experience. Wilson and Frenchy are proud to share their creations with you. And hope you re just as proud to show them off. SIZE: small, 0-3 months FABRIC: 100% premium fair trade cotton

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Mini Blue Stripe Knot Hat

Babies possess that power to make anyone feel light-hearted and joyful with their giggles and smiles. Theyre probably the cutest persons in the world, making you want to shower them with your love. So if youre a parent of one, or you have a niece or a nephew, you may have thought about giving them with the cutest presents for baby you can find.
Looking for adorable presents for baby can sometimes be challenging. There are a lot of cute things that would make good presents for baby. However, not all of them were made using the highest quality of materials. For this reason, you should find a brand that parents trust and buy your baby presents from them.
Wilson & Frenchy: Making Presents for Baby that Parents Will Love
When it comes to clothing and other stuffs for babies, you shouldnt lower your high standards for the sake of saving money. You dont want to choose cheaper products and see the baby wholl use it have a negative experience. You should only buy from labels that parents have proven and trusted over the years like Wilson & Frenchy.
Wilson & Frenchy is a Melbourne-based label who has been in the business of making cute and adorable clothes for babies with clothes sizes ranging from size 0000 to size 0. The brand has been known for their irresistibly thoughtful clothes which also make good presents for baby.
Mini Blue Stripe Knot Hat: A Cute Must-Have Hat for Every Baby
Among Wilson & Frenchys beautiful creations is the mini blue stripe top knot hat, a cute hat which will look trendy on any newborn. Aside from its modern look, it also is made of the highest quality of materials to make sure the babys head will be kept protected in all kinds of weather. Also, this top knot hat was made using the finest threads of cotton to make sure that the skin of the little bundle of joy wearing it wont be irritated. With its unique and simple design, it can easily be matched to other baby clothes to create an overall amazingly sharp look.
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Everything But Flowers has always been proud to sell products trusted brands. We understand that you want the best for the baby youll give presents to. With this in mind, weve made sure to only offer you choices that you wont regret picking. This mini blue stripe knot hat is one of the perfect presents for baby. You can give it to new and doting parents during baby showers. It will also be a great gift for when you just want to welcome the baby of any family member, a close relative, or a friend in your neighbourhood.
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