From surfing and helicopter rides to sky diving and outback adventures, Everything But Flowers has a large range of Adventure gifts. Our adventure gifts are perfect for evey occasion from Brithday present to Christmas gifts. Surprise someone with a special experience that they would not normally do. Order online today.

Need A Great Corporate Gift For Adventurous Business People? Discover Great Corporate Gifts On Everything But Flowers!

Shopping for the adventurous business man or woman can be quite difficult, but you can always count on Everything but Flowers to provide you with perfect corporate gifts. Instead of giving the adventurous business man or woman a physical gift, you can always choose an experience instead. Curious about our adventurous experiences and their suitability as corporate gifts? Be sure to read on and find out everything about our experiences!

What Experiences Would You Recommend As Corporate Gifts?

In general, all experiences can be used as corporate gifts. However, the trick is to find out what type of adventurous experience will be good for the recipient you have in mind. If you are not entirely sure, please read our tips below to find the matching experience for your recipient.

The safest choice amongst our experiences is the scenic helicopter flight over the Sydney Harbour. Every business man or woman will certainly love the twenty minute scenic ride and the departure from the private lounge. All the scenic flights purchased from Everything but Flowers are valid for 12 months, so the recipient has plenty of time to enjoy their gift.

If you are looking for a corporate gift for an outdoorsy recipient, we can recommend one of our surf experiences. Customers can either choose the private surf lesson or one of the group lessons depending on the character of the recipient. So be sure to check out all the surf experiences we have available. 

Is the recipient you have in mind an extreme thrill seeker?

Then you should go for one of the tandem skydive experiences. Everything But Flowers offers sky dive experiences in Mission Beach, Brisbane, Cairns and Byron Bay. 

At Everything but Flowers you can also get dedicated corporate outings, for example the Outback Advance Adventure Corporate. In addition to that, you could also go for one of the outback group adventures for ages 18-25. In short, Everything but Flowers has personalised experiences for every type of business man or woman.

What If I Cannot Find A Suitable Experience?

If you really have no idea which one of our experiences would be best for the recipient you have in mind, we can recommend getting one of our Instant Gift Vouchers. By choosing one of these Instant Gift Vouchers, you are gifting a cash amount to your business relation. The recipient can then spend the voucher amount on Everything but Flowers.

The voucher amount on Everything but Flowers range from $50 to $500, so you will find something that matches your budget. When you intend the voucher to be used for an experience, please ensure that the voucher has enough funds to cover the experience.

Can I Contact You For Corporate Gift Advice?

Do you need some corporate gift advice? Feel free to contact our team for some corporate gift advice. For more information, please dial 1300-459-452 or send an email with the topic corporate gift to